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Carman is known for its beautiful golf course. Check out this stunning view on a beautiful Saturday morning!
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    Carman Golf & Curling Club has created a way to make golf affordable again!

    If you come to our course on a weekend and played golf with a cart, the price is $60.00. If you factor in gas and food, you are looking at about $90 when the day is over. If you played twice a month over the summer you would pay $1260, almost the same amount as a member. Why not become a member and play unlimited golf?
    We have initiated a program to allow golfers to become members and pay in eight installments. Instalments begin January 1st so sign up today.
    An adult shareholder can play unlimited golf for $105 a month!

    Here is how you register:

    1. Print off and fill out two pages: 1. The Direct Payment Service letter. 2. The Carman Golf & Curling Club Membership application letter
    2. Drop off or send in the two pages with a personal cheque unsigned and marked VOID.
    3. Payments will begin January 1st and end August 1st.

    If you have any questions call Dean at 204 745 2366

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